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The peculiarity of its only 6 accommodations makes our Riad Hotel, with lounge area and swimming pool on the terrace for the exclusive use of guests, a destination out of the ordinary. The best gift you can have if you visit or live in Almeria.

In the heart of the historic centre of the city, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, with a significant artistic, archaeological and cultural legacy, this is the perfect place to unwind and escape from inner conflicts, often amplified by the impossibility of stopping and repairing. Enjoy a setting of the most personal strength. Right in the centre of the capital, very close to emblematic spaces such as Puerta Purchena, the Butterflies building, the Civil War shelters, the Cathedral, the Alcazaba, the Arab cisterns and the Jayrán Walls, among others.

HEALTHY ADDICTION, no resistance, see for yourself! Calm thoughts, calm restlessness, block anxiety in a natural and effective way. Beneficial to you to the full extent of your being.

AUTHENTICITY, HARMONY and plenitude after crossing the threshold of the Riad Hotel. Let yourself be seduced by the magnetism of this space designed to let yourself go and enjoy yourself to the full.

HOTEL: H/AL/00857


Outdoor swimming pool

At the top, we find a beautiful swimming pool fully integrated into the hotel environment. Available all year round with no opening hours.

Arabic inspiration

The entire hotel has an Arabic-inspired design and decoration. We take care of every detail.

Living room

Outdoor seating area next to the swimming pool. An ideal place to enjoy moments of relaxation.

Free Wi-Fi

All our guests can enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi connection free of charge.

Experience bath

Of our six rooms, four of them have a bathtub, two of them with hydromassage.

Nearby parking

We have parking nearby, contact us and we will indicate the best option for your stay.

Unique rooms

All our rooms are unique. Each one has a totally exclusive design.

Extra services

We have special offers for guests for car rental and personal tourism.


Breakfasts with healthy and varied food in the dining room. An ideal place to enjoy moments of relaxation.
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