Almería, the most easterly city in Andalusia, boasts contrasts, personal beauty, legend and history. It surprises those who visit it for the first time and those who already know it will find a reason to return. Attractive Almería. A place as hidden as it is beautiful and worth exploring.

As interesting as it is unknown. To discover the historic centre of the capital, where you will find our Hotel, is to lose yourself in the winding streets of another time, to walk the walls of the Arab settlement and to recognise from the Alcazaba the important port that opened the city to the sea and to commerce.

 The Cerro de San Cristóbal, La Alcazaba, Calle La Reina, Nicolás Salmerón Park, museums, such as the Guitar Museum, Puerta de Almería Interpretation Centre, José Ángel Valente House, Patio de los Naranjos, Plaza Campoamor and the Cathedral, a great 16th century temple-fortress, for example, are the city’s flagship and symbol. Get to know them and with them the history and gallantry of a city that has been able to adapt to the ups and downs of the years with wisdom and dignity.

Almeria, seafaring, agricultural, touristic; touched by the grace of the sun, the Mediterranean and the genius. The history of its people is a story of self-improvement, effort and talent.

Almeria is the land that makes a son of the stranger. Mother, shelter, kiss. STAY IN ALMERIA.

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We invite you to visit the most beautiful corners of the province of Almería.

To discover what this jewel of the Mediterranean has to offer.

Natural parks, beaches, mountains, rivers, museums, castles and even a world-famous film set. The list of things to see in Almería is endless. There are thousands of suggestions, and you’ll want to do them all! 

Cabo de Gata
The most emblematic natural site to see in Almería is Cabo de Gata.
Tabernas Desert
Just 30 km north of the capital, there is a unique landscape to see in Almería. You can feel absolute solitude as you travel through the Tabernas desert.
Almeria Cathedral
It is one of the best examples of transitional architecture between the late Gothic and Renaissance periods. However, it looks more like a fortress than a temple of religious worship.
Alcazaba of Almeria
More than a thousand years of history lie behind the citadel and Moorish walls that dominate the city of Almería. It is the most extensive construction of Arab origin in Spain.
Interpretation centre
Museum located in the Plaza de la Constitución in Almería. It displays elements inherited from the past and other elements of the current tradition of the municipality of Almería.
San Cristobal Hill
The monument we can find here, although recently renovated, was built in 1930 and adds a Christian touch to the landscape with the Alcazaba as the main feature.
Guitar Museum
The Museum offers participants much more than a simple succession of pieces, it is a surprising, relevant, didactic, interactive and attractive cultural space, open to all the public and visitors.
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Potatoes in ajopollo
There are many recipes to get you through the Almerian winter. This traditional stew, made from "recycled" ingredients, is a tasty ode to humble food.
Caldo Quemao
Despite its unappetising name, the truth is that this dish is a delight for sardine lovers, as sardines are the main ingredient.
Migas from Almería
From north to south, migas is one of the most common dishes in our gastronomy, a very versatile dish that is traditionally eaten with the family and enriched with the ingredients of each area.
Potatoes "a lo pobre"
Few dishes are as simple and tasty as "papas a lo pobre" from Almería. It can be eaten as a main dish with an egg on top or served in small portions, as tapas, in bars.
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From the Alpujarra of Almeria to the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Nature Reserve, the flavours of Almeria must be known, tasted and assimilated. With influences from neighbouring provinces (Murcia, Malaga and Granada) and from the whole Mediterranean area, its gastronomy is made up of simple recipes with a special attachment to tradition.

Being a characteristically agricultural region with a coastal area, its cuisine is closely linked to the vegetable garden and seafood.

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If there is one thing the coast of Almeria can boast of, it is being a natural jewel box of sandy beaches full of mysticism, silence and magic.

Marked by a capricious geology in which rock formations and volcanic colours stand out, these corners are sublimated by crystalline and turquoise waters cleaned by the ocean’s great purifier: the posidonia meadows that carpet the seabed.

Mónsul Beach
Mónsul beach is one of the most prized beaches in the province. Its fine golden sand and crystal-clear waters will captivate anyone who visits this spot.
Los Muertos Beach
Its clean, blue waters, the quality of its sand, its landscape of steep cliffs and its isolation are its main attractions.
Los Escullos Beach
Los Escullos is a fishing village that includes a large bathing area from the islet of Moro to the beach of Arco. So, between bathing and swimming, a good idea is to visit its interior.
Playazo de Rodalquilar
The Playazo landscape is located very close to the village of Rodalquilar and is an ideal place to go with children, with an entrance to the water with almost no gradient and easy access.
Zapillo Beach
El Zapillo is 1.5 kilometres long, all of them with a promenade that is the place chosen by the people of Almeria for their morning and evening strolls.
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Museum of Almeria
It is the most important museum institution in the province of Almería, housing the largest and most representative collection of archaeological objects in the province.
Civil War refuges
Almeria, at present, can boast of being the largest air-raid shelters not only in our country, but in all of Europe that are open to the public.
Commercial Area
Traditional shops, fashion boutiques, selected boutiques, shopping centres, markets and street markets are the most interesting places to shop in Almeria.
Kayak Tours
With the kayak we can approach parts of the coast that are inaccessible from land and thus find caves that the waves have carved into the rock, or enjoy small coves.
Guided tour
Discover the city of Almeria in a different way with a sightseeing tour. Check all the offer and prices in cultural routes.
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Immerse yourself in that sea of sensations that we know as Almería, in our origins and culture, places to visit and experiences to live, our traditions and gastronomy.

Let yourself be seduced by a city open to the world, sincere and welcoming that invites you to enjoy.

In Almeria, life smiles at you!

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